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Love Tree 


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Love Tree 

Written By: mychiclife 

-/ TOOLS: 

Hole punch (1) 
Scissors (1) 


Indoor tree (1) 
Colored paper (1) 
Twine (1) 
Markers (1) 

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Love Tree 

Step 1 — Love Tree 

• Create heart ornaments with colored paper and twine. It's simple as cutting hearts, hole 
punching and tying a twine as a hook. 

Step 2 

• Have members of your family and friends write sweet notes to each other on the hearts. 
You can even celebrate the "14 days of Valentine's" by adding one a day. 

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Love Tree 

Step 3 

• Hang your heart ornament love notes and you've got a fun DIY love tree for this Valentine's 

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